The Loadchief Advantage

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Loadchief is a growing marketplace that connects delivery companies with credentialed, independent drivers for package delivery work — both on-demand and routed.  The Loadchief platform and mobile app leverages crowd-sourcing dynamics to increase your reach, open new markets, and enhance your IC compliance.  Best of all, you have the confidence of knowing that the drivers you access through Loadchief are carefully vetted to match your professional standards.

Loadchief rewards Contracting Carriers recognized by A4DD with:

  • Free registration with no monthly fees
  • Free driver vetting for basic credentials like licensing, insurance, and driving record
  • $50.00 bonus to those drivers who complete 10 Loadchief deliveries

Loadchief was selected as an A4DD partner because it offers several unique benefits:

  • Customize and vary your driver selection criteria 
  • Reports on driver credentials strengthen your defense in IC status disputes
  • Job board access for carriers. Reserve work that eliminates deadhead miles.
  • Hassle-free backend payment system.  No need to process payments to the drivers.
  • Job pricing flexibility – you set your own price for deliveries

to connect with Loadchief.

to see how Loadchief helps you comply with even the toughest IC regs.

* Driver credentialing helps carriers like you find the professional drivers you need or prefer.  Better MVRs, insurance and licensing mean better customer outcomes with lower liability risk and fewer incidents that disrupt service.