Cargo Insurance Plans – Comparison of Benefits

Overall Limit of Insurance per Occurrence (four available options)
Option – 1 $5,000
Option – 2 $10,000
Option – 3 $25,000
Option – 4 $100,000
Coverage Sub-Limits that are included within the Overall Limit
Sub-Limit for Jewelry and Art $2,500
Sub-Limit for Money $2,500
Sub-Limit for the Face Value of Securities $2,500
Additional Limits of Insurance
Debris Removal $5,000
Pollution Cleanup (per year) $10,000
Moving Equipment $2,500
Deductible per Occurrence $200
Coverage Features
Covers cargo damage, destruction, loss, and theft Yes
Covers your liability for property you damage besides cargo Yes
Covers loading and unloading Yes
Covers loss from any vehicle used for delivery Yes
Covers breakage and shifting of the load Yes
Covers temporary storage while in transit Yes
Coverage is not restricted to your legal liability Yes
Covers costs to reconstruct valuable documents Yes
Covers losses worldwide Yes
Covers your use of other drivers & carriers Yes
Form H Motor Carrier Filing available Yes
Covers your work for any contracting carrier ‘Full-Time’ Drivers*
Covers work for primary contracting carrier only ‘Part-Time’ Drivers*

*  A4DD Members select their time status when signing up for membership.  You may change your time status by updating your Member Profile.