Benefit Plans Summary

General Liability Insurance - Benefits Plans Summary

Amount of Insurance – 2 options
$100,000 Policy $1,000,000 Policy
Each Occurrence $100,000 $1,000,000
General Aggregate $200,000 $2,000,000
Products / Completed Operations Aggregate $200,000 $2,000,000
Personal Injury & Advertising Injury $100,000 $1,000,000
Damage to Premises Rented By You $100,000 $1,000,000
Medical Expense (per person) $5,000 $5,000
Deductible per Occurrence None None
Coverage Plans – 2 options
Coverage is the same for both plans except for:
White Glove plan Covers claims from assembling/installing.
Available with $100,000 limit only.
Standard Plan Excludes claims from assembling/installing.
Available with $100,000 or $1,000,000 limits.
Coverage Features
Covers bodily injury and property damage claims Yes
Covers legal defense costs outside policy limits Yes
Covers loading/unloading claims Yes, excess over collectible auto insurance
Broad form Contractual Liability included Yes
Blanket Additional Insureds coverage Yes when stated on a Certificate of Insurance or required by written agreement or contract
Extended bodily injury definition Yes
Broad form property damage definition Yes
Covers your work for any contracting carrier ‘Full-Time’ Drivers*
Covers work for primary contracting carrier only ‘Part-Time’ Drivers*

* Members pick a status when joining A4DD.  To change your time status use our website Contact Us form.


The coverage highlights listed are only a summary of the policy coverages and benefits.  For complete details, please review the policy for terms, conditions, limitations and exclusions.  If there is a conflict between these highlights and the policy, the policy will govern in all matters.