Discount Prescription Drug Program

Discount Prescription Drug Program



Begin using the service today! No registration. No fee. No forms to fill out. Just print the Discount Prescription Card and access the Pharmacy Locator to search for a participating pharmacy in your area.

In an effort to make prescription drugs more affordable, a Discount Prescription Drug Program is offered to give users access to more than 80% of pharmacies nationwide. Individuals with limited or no prescription drug can benefit from this Discount Prescription Drug Program. And individuals who already have insurance coverage may still find the card useful, as it can discount medications that are not covered by their medical plan.

How Does the Service Work?

The online pricing tool gives you the ability to compare prices by specific pharmacy location. The price that is paid is the negotiated discounted price or the pharmacy’s sale price, whichever is lower. This assures that members are getting the lowest possible price. The card is valid at most major chain pharmacies and many independent pharmacies nationwide.

All FDA approved brand and generic prescription medications are discounted.

What if you already have a medical plan with a Discount Prescription Drug Program?

Let the Discount Prescription Drug Program Work for You!

Simply Follow These Steps:

This service is provided by a third-party vendor. The Discount Prescription Drug Program is through National Benefit Builders Inc. The network is Catamaran. This discount plan is not insurance.