Accident Reporting App

E.I.R.S. - the Accident Reporting App

Accidents happen.  When they do, people need to know.  Your carriers, your insurer, your spouse.  And they need to know where you are, how it happened, who’s injured, and more.  ASAP.  It’s not easy to take care of everything on the spot and not make mistakes, even if you’re basically all right.  You don’t want to let your carrier down, or risk or delay your insurance claims.  If only there was an inexpensive way to have a guide at the ready.

Enter the E.I.R.S. app (pronounced like “ears”), brought to you by veteran driver trainers at Certified Safe Driver.  Their Electronic Incident Reporting System takes the place of hurried phone calls, scribbled paper forms, and nervous double-checks of scattered instructions.  E.I.R.S. notifies the people, it advises you on what to say, and it takes you from one simple question to another until the necessary information is collected.  Plus, E.I.R.S. uses your phone’s capabilities (like GPS, voice recording, and photos) to produce better reports faster and with less effort.  That can pay off big time in court and deliver faster insurance payments to you.

A4DD Members Get E.I.R.S. with Special Benefits

  • Savings over 33% or more off what you’d pay direct
  • All setup and annual fees waived for our members (worth $50/year).
  • Alerts up to four business and personal contacts (text and email)
  • Transfers data to forms that your carriers and insurer will accept
  • Meets government standards for heavy trucks
  • Notifies your primary carrier* for you when you sign up
  • Use E.I.R.S. anywhere — even in areas with no internet connection

to see how easy and effective this app can be for drivers like you.                         

How Much Does E.I.R.S. Cost?

  • Normally $36.84 quarterly (3 months), but not for A4DD members
  • A4DD charges just $24.49 quarterly ($8.16/month) – it’s like a month free
  • Plus you save more (up to 50%) and pay as little as $6.66 a month if you qualify*

for the E.I.R.S. mobile app.