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Easy Advertising For Delivery Drivers

Want extra jobs to fill your down time?  Want to turn empty return trips onto money-makers?  Advertise your services to delivery companies to make sure you are getting the work you want and deserve.  As an Association member, it’s easy and it’s FREE!

Delivery companies can search by location for drivers with the kind of experience and vehicles they need for a job.  Then they can contact you directly.  You keep all the commissions and there are no fees at all.

Get Noticed - ‘Load Up’ Your Ad

Some Contracting Carriers will be looking for more detail such as special skills, references from companies you have done work for in the past, driving record and specifics about your abilities. No problem! Just ‘Load Up Your Advertisement’ and you will be able to add this additional information, plus your ad will appear above all of the basic ads giving you more exposure. Loading up your ad costs just $14.99 for a 6-month placement.

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