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Safety Training


Set yourself apart to Contracting Carriers by taking these quick, easy and effective defensive driving courses available 24/7 — and save a bundle.  Nine separate courses cost under $10 each.   They take 20-25 minutes to complete.  A life-saving distracted driving course takes only 45 minutes.  Two comprehensive defensive driving courses are perfect if you are new to delivery work or want to clean up your record.  One focuses on light vehicles and the other on trucks, and each includes four hours of instruction.

More Contracting Carriers require proof of ongoing training.  Our courses provide you with certificates of completion.  Real life driving scenarios and hazard recognition exercises keep you engaged.  Plus, a handy “bookmark” feature lets you pause the course and resume later on so you can learn at your own pace.  You can’t earn a living if you are badly injured – or worse.  Most accidents can be prevented by smart, defensive driving.  All kinds of professionals benefit from skill-building continuing education — so can you!

Your Association has partnered with the National Safety Council to offer our members deeply discounted rates.  Members with a Contracting Carrier Code (CCC) from a contracting carrier will enjoy even bigger discounts.  If you don’t have a code, ask your primary contracting carrier to contact us to get you one.

Online Course Topics

Lane Management

Use traffic lanes properly and master safe driving techniques to prevent lane-related collisions in various driving circumstances and situations.

Speed Management

Unsafe speed is a leading cause of traffic crashes.  Learn how to get business done while managing driving speed in the most common driving conditions and situations.

Avoiding Impaired Driving

Practical techniques for how to avoid and respond to reckless, impaired driving on our highways.


Avoiding Fatigued Driving

Spot the warning signs of drowsy driving.  Explore ways to change your sleeping habits and decisions to help ensure your safety and health.

Avoiding Aggressive Driving

Know the best ways to avoid and respond to aggressive drivers.  Keep from becoming an aggressive driver in stressful driving situations.


Learn the reason why drivers collide at intersections.  Master defensive driving procedures to avoid these deadly crashes.

Weather and Road Conditions

Proper defensive driving techniques to maneuver your vehicle in extreme weather and road conditions.

Backing and Parking Lot Strategies

Safe driving techniques to avoid preventable collisions in various backing and parking situations.

Avoiding Collisions with Fixed Objects

Raise awareness of why drivers collide with fixed objects.  Key safe driving practices can eliminate these preventable collisions.

Defensive Driving Course (Light Vehicles)

This 4-hour comprehensive course uses real-life driving situations and hazards to improve driving habits and behaviors and empower delivery drivers to avoid collisions and traffic violations.

Professional Truck Driver Course

This 4-hour course tackles most common causes of truck-related crashes and provides practical knowledge and techniques to avoid collisions and traffic violations.

Distracted Driving Course (abbreviated 45 minute version)

This course delivers the primary learning points and scientific research from the full National Safety Council Distracted Driving Online Course in half the time. Participants gain knowledge about the dangers and risks of smart phone use and other distractions while driving. A great choice for refresher training and an excellent option for post-incident training.

National Safety Council Credentials

NSC is the premier provider of defensive driver training in the nation.  NSC’s defensive driving modules are designed and written with the assistance of a select group of devoted highway traffic safety trainers and related specialists who volunteer their time and talents to the research, development and updates.

After you make your payment, you will receive an email from us with your Discount Code for the course you chose and a link to the training site.  Once you are on the National Safety Council site, click on New Student, New Student Registration and then enter your Discount Code.