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Real pros know the value of training.  In your line of work, it can literally save your life, not to mention your ability to qualify for jobs and contracts.  Shippers don’t like accidents or the drivers who get into them.  When you’re out of commission, you can’t earn commissions.

A4DD makes training easy and interesting, with interactive online courses available 24/7 at a cost way below market.  With A4DD you pay $9.49 a course (compare that with others who charge $15.00-$50.00). Or save more with a “Training Six-Pack” (good for a year of bi-monthly training) for only $35.00 more.  That’s just $7.00 a course. Members with a Contracting Carrier Code (CCC) will pay even less — up to 45% less.

Note: if you don’t have a CCC code, ask your primary contracting carrier to contact us to get you one.

Start with one of our ‘core courses’ and you can begin training the morning after you enroll.  Several are available in Spanish too.  Or browse the rest of our Safety Course Catalog for many other training topics to find one that’s right for you.  You’ll have seven days to complete your training and receive a certificate of completion.  Members with a CCC will have a certificate sent automatically to your primary contracting carrier.

Core Courses – click on title to check price and enroll

Defensive Driving

Safe driving habits, blind spots, following distances, driving at night, adverse weather conditions, and sharing the road. Time to complete is 60 minutes.

Speed and Stopping Distance

Know the four actions required to stop a vehicle, and how road, weather, vehicle, and driver condition impact stopping distance. Time to Complete is 60 minutes

Distracted Driving

Avoid physical and environmental distractions while on the road. Identify characteristics of aggressive driving and road rage and how to tell the difference, plus impaired driving behaviors. Time to complete is 30 minutes.

Driver Preparedness

How to conduct a vehicle safety inspection and assess hazards, how to properly check and use vehicle safety systems and gear, emergency items to have, and emergency safety steps. Time to complete is 30 minutes.

Back Injury Prevention

Increase your skill at safe lifting. Gain information on the importance of technique, the causes of back injuries and discomfort, proper posture, lifting techniques, and injury prevention. Time to complete is 30 minutes.

Space Management for Drivers

Control your following distance and minimize the risks of blind spots. Plus safe backing, navigating intersections, and passing through areas with low overhead clearance. Time to Complete is 30 minutes

Safety Course Catalog – click category to view specific courses

The remainder of our courses feature the same high quality, testing, certificates of completion, and low price.  Once you enroll, you can begin training by the end of the next business day.  Most accidents can be prevented by smart, defensive driving and safe work practices.  Try a course today and protect yourself and your livelihood.

Driver Wellness courses

Driver Fatigue,  Drugs in the Workplace (FMCSA),  Slip/Trip/Fall Prevention,  Heat Stress Prevention

Driving Skills courses

Distracted Driving for CMV Drivers,  Hours of Service,  Intersections/Turns/Lane Changes,  Work Zone Safety,  Accident Investigation

Cargo & Warehouse courses

Cargo Securement,  Loading Dock Safety,  Hazardous Materials (DOT),  Forklift Operation

Vehicle Care courses

Battery Charging & Jump Starting,  Tire Repair Safety,  Driver Preparedness (core),  Photographing Accidents,

Course Providers

Risk Strategies Company, a national leader in transportation insurance, has delivered for A4DD by sponsoring award-winning KPA safety training for our members — the same industry-leading online courses used by thousands of major organizations.  KPA courses are known for high-level interactivity and video-based content designed to hold learners’ interest and keep them engaged.

Driver Wellness Courses

Driver Fatigue

The dangers, symptoms, and warning signs of driver fatigue, natural sleep patterns, and how to manage and control fatigue. Time to complete is 30 minutes.

Drugs in the Workplace (FMCSA)

Covers FMCSA regulations for the use of drugs in the workplace: classes of prohibited drugs, drug use signs, reasonable suspicion, and testing. Time to complete is 60 minutes.

Slip, Trip, and Fall Prevention

How to avoid, rectify, and prevent potential slip, trip, and fall hazards in the workplace. Also strategies to eliminate slip, trip, and fall hazards. Time to complete is 15 minutes.

Heat Stress Prevention

Information on causes of heat stress and heat illness, and prevention measures. Time to complete is 30 minutes.

Driving Skills Courses

Distracted Driving (Commercial Veh.)

Increases awareness of the effect on stopping of physical distractions, environmental distractions, driver aggression, and driver impairment. Time to complete 30 minutes.

Intersections, Turns, Lane Changes

Best practices for navigating intersections, making turns, and performing lane changes. Dangers and procedures for these common maneuvers.  Time to complete is 30 minutes.

Work Zone Safety

Common mistakes and best practices for avoiding accidents in four kinds of work zone areas. Time to complete: 30 minutes.

Accident Investigation

The incident investigation process: root cause analysis and its importance. Time to complete is 30 minutes.

Hours of Service Rules

Outlines the hours of service rules, including the sleep regulation cycle, shift and rest break requirements, the restart rule, and record-keeping. Time to complete is 30 minutes.

Cargo & Warehouse Safety Courses

Cargo Securement

The North American Cargo Securement Standard for securing cargo, types of securement systems, and necessary inspections. Time to complete is 30 minutes.

Loading Dock Safety

Helps drivers identify potential risks associated with loading docks and wheel chocks, and best practices in loading dock safety. Time to complete is 30 minutes.

Hazardous Materials Training (DOT)

How to load, unload, block, brace, segregate, and/or transport hazmat, plus proper classifying, paperwork, packaging and labeling. Time to complete: 75 minutes.

Forklift Operations

Gain awareness of types of powered industrial trucks, safe driving and loading, and principles of stability and load capacity. Time to complete is 45 minutes.

Vehicle Care Courses

Tire Repair Safety

How to safely repair car and light truck tires: determining repairability, inspection steps, and procedures for safe puncture repair. Time to complete is 20 minutes.

Battery Charging & Jump Starting

Guidelines for safely charging batteries and jump starting vehicles: hazards, correct procedures, PPE, and storage and handling.  Time to complete: 20 minutes.

Photographing Accidents

Best practices for documenting an accident scene. Elements that should be photographed. Steps to take after a motor vehicle accident. Time to complete is 30 minutes.

Vehicle Inspections & Safety Systems

How to conduct a vehicle safety inspection and assess hazards. How to properly check and use vehicle safety systems and gear. Time to complete is 30 minutes.

To check pricing and enroll for a single course or a Training Six-Pack bundle, click on the title of the training course you’d like to take.