Welcome, delivery driver! This association is for you.

Our mission is to "ADD" to your bottom line by gathering together in one place all the tools and resources you need to succeed. More and more, in order to qualify for work – especially with the best outfits - you need to satisfy contract requirements related to your driving record, insurance, business licensing, safe driving, manifest forms, back-up drivers … the list goes on. Delivery companies have to respond to the demands of customers and the government, and a lot of these demands get passed down to you.

We’re here so you can say, “No problem!” ADD makes it easy to get what you need, when you need it, wherever you are, at a great price. As a not-for-profit association, ADD is about serving you, the delivery driver. We want to set you up so YOU can make the money and take care of yourself!


The Association for Delivery Drivers formed in 2007 to serve the needs of the independent delivery driver community. Because delivery drivers tend to be sole proprietors, you often lack easy access to vital resources, such as safety training, legal advice, quality insurance, tools of the trade, and that most precious resource of all – a community of others who do what you do, people with whom you can share experiences and lessons learned. ADD is that community, and we are putting everything you need under one roof.


If you are from a delivery company who uses independent contract drivers, head over to the Delivery Companies tab to see what’s in it for you when you publicize our Association to your drivers.

If you are a driver, check out the Message from our Director (in English and Spanish) over on the left. Browse our Member Services tab to see all of the ways you can benefit from becoming a member. Some options are for members’ eyes only, so you will see a login screen if you click on them.

Once you see how much we can “ADD” to your bottom line, go to the Signup tab to join! It only takes five minutes and all the benefits of membership are yours for just 75 cents a week! For more details, check out the frequently asked questions (and answers) on our FAQ page.


Shannon Armstrong, Administrator
Toll Free Tel: (877) 264-A4DD (2433)
Toll Free Fax: (877) 519-2493

PO Box 620423
Oviedo, FL 32762-0423