Membership Next Steps

Next Steps: IMPORTANT - see below

Thank you for applying to join the Association for Delivery Drivers (A4DD).  Now what’s your next step going to be?

Below you can see the most common contract requirements and carrier preferences.  You can meet these expectations easily and affordably with your A4DD member benefits.  Get chosen for the best jobs with the best carriers.  Click on any link or just browse our member benefit menus to get started.

Visit this Next Steps page to see your carrier standards and link to other benefits.  You’ll find this page in the Professional Delivery Drivers section of our website, under the My Account menu.

Below, check out our “Most Popular Benefits” and all the “Benefits Included With Membership” (at no extra cost).  These can set you up for more work, save you a bundle, and maybe even save your life.  Thanks again for joining.

Updating Your Membership Info.

Keep your application profile and payment information updated.  Avoid extra fees for declined payments.  Outdated profile information will make you less desirable to carriers and may disqualify you from work or benefits.

Updating is easy.  Use the links below or go to the My Account menu and also “Useful Links” at the bottom of any page on our website.

Click on a benefit to access it.   Scroll back to click on the benefit you wish to check out next.