Easy Advertising For Delivery Drivers

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Want extra jobs to fill your downtime?  Want to convert empty return trips into money-making hauls?  Advertise yourself to delivery companies.  It’s easy and FREE for all association members. 

Contracting delivery companies use A4DD’s “Discover New Drivers!” service to search for drivers by location and select those with the profiles and credentials they need.  Then they contact you directly.  You keep all the commissions.  There are no fees at all.


A4DD promotes the Discover New Drivers service regularly to all of our recognized contracting carriers.

Get Noticed - ‘Load Up’ Your Ad

Carriers will often select the first qualified driver they find.  ‘Load Up’ your advertisement and your ad appears above all the basic ads putting you ‘first in line’ for job opportunities.  Plus carriers may be looking for more detailed information, such as special skills and capabilities, past carrier references, driving record details, etc.  ‘Loaded Up’ ads let you include this additional information.  The cost to ‘Load up’ is only $14.99 for a 6-month placement and just $5.99 for each additional 6 months.  Give advertising a try.

View/Edit Your Advertisement

to see what the Delivery Companies are seeing now and make updates.