Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

The Association for Delivery Drivers supplies affordable, easy access to everything you need to succeed.  Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a rookie starting up, with A4DD benefits you can secure the best work with the best carriers.  We are the ONLY association dedicated to delivery drivers, including local courier and last-mile delivery nationwide.  Our benefits include training, insurance, tools of the trade, and discounts on valuable goods and services.  We’ll even help you find extra work to supplement what you get from your primary carrier(s).  As an A4DD member, you’ll be able to comply with virtually any delivery contract and become your carriers’ go-to driver.

No, but A4DD’s membership application and focus is geared to independent delivery drivers.  Motor carriers who contract with drivers can become recognized by A4DD and gain valuable benefits of their own while supporting the Association’s mission.  A4DD welcomes anyone that wants to support an organization that’s helping critical front-line delivery drivers.  Contact us if you are not sure if how to proceed.

A4DD provides critical support for a more defensible IC model. Now you can deal with drivers the way you’ve wished you could. Set professional contract standards knowing that drivers will be able to comply easily and affordably on their own. Just let them know that A4DD has solutions and point them in our direction. Carriers who are ‘recognized‘ by A4DD enjoy even more benefits, like automatic certificates of insurance from drivers and automatic notice when a driver’s benefits are set to cancel. To learn more, check out the “Delivery Companies” section of our website or just contact us.

A full year’s membership costs just $59.00.  That’s barely $1.00 per week!  There’s a less expensive six-month option for $39.00.  If you have a Coupon Code, submit it at the end of the membership application to pay even less.  The bottom line is this: with all the savings and opportunities A4DD offers, drivers can make up the cost of membership in a few weeks.  Plus A4DD is committed to keeping membership affordable to drivers — our membership increased only once in the past decade

Membership includes valuable services like advertising, your own delivery manifest forms, safety and wellness videos, our Safety Rewards program and Resource Center, and discounts on many goods and services for your business and everyday needs. Other benefits cost extra, but A4DD has negotiated reduced prices, so members save a bundle.  Discounts alone will more than pay for A4DD membership in a few months.  The bottom line: A4DD delivers value.

No.  You pick and choose the benefits you want to use that makes sense for you.

Yes, you can join A4DD as a Canadian driver.  Not all of our benefits are accessible outside of the United States of America.

After you look around to see how A4DD can ‘ADD’ to your bottom line, you can become a member by clicking “Driver Signup” at the top of the screen.  Complete the membership application.  Once your membership is activated, follow the links to the benefit you’re interested in enrolling in.  Or head to the “Professional Delivery Drivers” section, where you can take advantage of all member benefits.

We accept credit cards, debit cards (MC, VISA, Amex) and electronic funds transfer from a checking account (also known as ACH).  When paying for member benefits, you can select a convenient payment plan.  Insurance plans offer monthly or even weekly options.  Other benefits may offer monthly or quarterly payment plans.  In some cases, you pay as you go (each training course as an example).  But then we try to offer you the option to purchase a bundle (of courses) at a reduced rate.

To access member benefits, you need to be logged into the website as a member. First, click on “Driver Signup” at the top of the screen to join A4DD. As you complete the membership questionnaire you will enter an email address and create a password. Use this to log in.

You can certify your participation in all member benefits.  If your “Primary Contracting Carrier” (listed on your member profile) is ‘recognized’ by A4DD, it will automatically receive notice when you enroll for insurance and other benefits.  ‘Recognized’ carriers have a special A4DD discount code worth up to 25% or more off your rates.  So check with the carrier(s) you contract with.  If they don’t have code, encourage them to contact us today.  Otherwise, each under each member benefit you will find an option to send evidence to carriers — like “Proof of Insurance“.

Association insurance plans protect members who join with “Full-Time” status whenever you are working as a professional delivery driver, no matter what carrier you are doing work for.  “Part-time” status, which is available to drivers earning under $275 per week, limits your insurance coverage to the work you do for one designated “Primary” carrier.  Be sure to update your Member Profile when you switch primary carriers so A4DD’s insurance will come along with you.  Insurance is not in force when you apply for coverage, but rather it takes effect on the date specified on the enrollment confirmation email you receive.

If you want your insurance to cover you while doing work for more than one delivery company, your Member Profile must say “Full-Time Driver” – even if you make “part-time” money. If your Profile shows you as a Part-Time driver you will only be covered while working for one designated ‘primary’ carrier.  The cost for “Full-Time” drivers is only a few dollars more per week. We recommend going to your carriers about this as they may adjust your commission and make up your cost difference in order to keep you on-call. To request a change in your time status, use our website’s Contact Us form.

A4DD membership and benefits apply only to the delivery driver member, not other drivers.  If the other drivers are your employees, then you should seek professional advice on what benefits you are obligated to provide to them.  If the other drivers are independent contractors, then they would need to join the Association for themselves to receive benefits.  You can point them our way and assist them, of course.  Just as we can help you qualify for work with contracting companies, A4DD can help these drivers qualify to do work with you.

Updating your payment information with A4DD is easy and very important. Expired credit card and bank account numbers will cause payments for benefits and membership renewal to fail, leading to a cancellation of benefits and triggering notification to your contracting carriers.  Plus, there’s a $25.00 charge to reinstate benefits after a failed payment. Update Payment Information under My Account in the Professional Delivery Driver section of our website. Or scroll down to the bottom of any page to the Useful Links area. Just complete the brief form and we take care of the rest.

Members create a profile when you join A4DD that can be accessed from the My Account menu or via the Useful Links at the bottom of the website.  You need to keep your profile up to date.  Carriers viewing driver ads will favor those with current info. (they can see when your profile was last updated).  Out-of-date profiles can also affect your ability to qualify for benefits and discounts.  Remember to click the “Continue” button on each screen to save your changes.  Double-check all your profile info. on the last “Review” screen to see that your changes were saved.  For legal and privacy reasons, payment information is not posted.

If you are working with a TPA and wish to continue, that should not be a problem. As an independent delivery driver, you have the right to choose how you do business and how you meet your contractual obligations. Most TPA’s and carriers are going to let you make these choices because they accept your independence. You should be able to choose the TPA services you want and take care of other needs through A4DD. If you prefer our insurance, for example, then you can choose it and pay much less to the TPA. Some TPA’s will even make your A4DD payments for you out of your settlements

Privacy is a top priority for us. Please read our privacy statement posted on the site, but for now let’s keep it simple. We do not provide any information to carriers or vendors unless you authorize it. And we do not sell your information to outside parties for marketing or any other purpose. Bottom line – your personal information stays private, and is only used to provide you with the member benefits you want.

To keep up with all that’s going on with your Association, head to My Account and make sure you are signed up for our “Bottom Line” blog/newsletter on your Member Profile.  The checkbox is on page three.  Then you can check out the “News” link at the top of the website.