Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

The Association for Delivery Drivers’ mission is to provide affordable, easy access to everything you need to compete for the best work with the best carriers. This includes safety training, insurance, licensing and legal services, other tools of the trade, discounts on goods and services, and that most precious resource of all – a community of drivers sharing experiences. As an A4DD member, you will soon be able to comply with virtually any delivery contract!

A full year’s membership costs just $59.00. That’s a little over $1.00 per week! There’s even a six-month option for $39.00.

Membership includes FREE access to most member services! Send copies of your driving record (MVR) to carriers. Get your own Manifest Form in a format Carriers prefer.  Sign up for our Safety Sweepstakes to earn prizes  — and document your participation to Carriers who want to know you’re taking safety seriously. Join our Member Forum to learn from your fellow drivers and take advantage of A4DD Discounts to reduce your costs in work and life. As you can see, A4DD delivers loads of value. Some benefits, like insurance, an initial MVR, driver training, safety training, etc. do cost extra, but A4DD has negotiated reduced rates, so you will still save a bundle as an Association member.

Look around the site to see how we can ‘A4DD’ to your bottom line, then sign up to become a member by clicking the Driver Signup tab. Once your membership is activated, go to the Professional Delivery Drivers tab and click on Member Services where you can take advantage of all member benefits and services.

A4DD benefits the entire delivery industry by helping Contracting Carriers satisfy regulatory requirements for utilizing independent contractors. Now you can deal with drivers the way you should. Set professional contract standards and enforce them without worrying that drivers won’t be able to comply unless you do it for them. Just let them know that A4DD has the solutions and point them in our direction! We can send you promotional literature. Check out the “Delivery Companies” tab or contact us to learn more!

Click the “Driver Signup” tab and complete the Member Profile form, going from one data screen to the next. After completing each screen, click the “Next” button. If red text appears, that indicates information was not entered properly. On the last screen, select your membership term (1 year or 6 months) and payment method, then submit. We will promptly review your application and let you know via email that your membership is activated.

We accept credit cards, debit cards (MC, VISA, Amex) and electronic funds transfer from a checking account (also known as ACH).

Some Member Services and benefits can only be accessed by members who are logged onto the site. To log in, you first need to sign up as an Association member. Use the “Driver Signup” tab to do this. As you complete the signup form you will enter an email address and create a password. Once you receive confirmation (via email) that your membership is activated, you may use the email address and password to log in.

All member benefits for which Contracting Carriers want evidence let you certify your participation.  When you sign up for insurance, a Certificate of Insurance goes automatically to your ‘Primary Contracting Carrier.’  Otherwise, just go to A4DD’s ‘Member Services’ section and choose a benefit.  The benefit menu that slides into view will include a “Certify” or “Certificate” option.  Click to select and complete the simple form.  A4DD will send documentation to your carrier(s) and email a copy to you too.

Association insurance plans protect members whenever you are working as a Professional Delivery Driver, no matter what carrier you are doing work for. This applies to members claiming “full-time” status, meaning that you earn over $275 per week. “Part-time” status drivers are covered only while working for one Primary Contracting Carrier. A4DD insurance also comes along with you when you switch carriers — just keep your Member Profile up-to-date.

If you work with more than one delivery company, your member profile should say “Full-Time Driver” – even if you make “part-time” money. This helps make sure that A4DD insurance benefits properly protect you. Insurance costs will be higher, but only by a few dollars per week or less, and you’ll have the protection you need. Consider asking your carriers for extra compensation to make up for the difference and keep you on-call. You can change your Member Profile information yourself, but if you have already applied for insurance as a ‘Part-Time’ driver, you also need to contact the A4DD Help Desk at 877-264-A4DD (2433).

If you are working with a TPA and wish to continue, that should not be a problem. As an independent delivery driver, you have the right to choose how you do business and how you meet your contractual obligations. At the end of the day, most TPA’s and carriers are going to let you make these choices because they accept your independence. You should be able to unbundle a TPA’s services and choose what you want, just as you can with A4DD. If you prefer our insurance, for example, then you can choose it. Most TPA’s will oblige by eliminating their own insurance charges (so you’ll pay them much less in fees) and may even offer to make your A4DD payments for you.

Privacy is a top priority for us. Please read our privacy statement posted on the site, but for now let’s keep it simple. We do not provide any information to carriers or vendors unless you request it. And we do not sell your information to outside parties for marketing or any other purpose. Bottom line – your personal information stays private, and is only used to provide you with the member benefits you want.

Members can view and update their Member Profiles easily. Just log in. Review your profile information, make changes, then go to the last screen and click submit. It’s always a good idea to double-check the profile screens to see that your changes were recorded. For legal and privacy reasons, some payment and insurance application information is not posted on the site. If you don’t see the information you want, contact A4DD support via email at, or toll-free at (877) 264-A4DD (2433).

We are excited at how rapidly the Association is adding new member benefits, and you don’t want to miss out! Check out ‘Your Bottom Line’ Blog, which you can reach from the Home Page or the Service Center “Connections” section (see Member Services). Become a blog Follower. Also stay tuned for a short email newsletter, with updates and links to the blog, which we will be sending out to members whose Member Profiles show an interest.