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A4DD brings the best of the web to your fingertips to help you stay abreast of what a professional delivery driver needs to know.  See something missing?  Let us know and we’ll bring it to you.

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COVID-19 Resources

CDC: What Delivery Drivers Need to Know, Personal Readiness, CLDA Driver Advice, OSHA FAQs, ATA resources and more.

Delivery Industry News

News to use.  Stay aware of opportunities and threats.  Be prepared to protect yourself or seize the moment.

Choosing a Vehicle, IIHS Vehicle Ratings, Shopping for a Safe Car, The National Safety Council

Taxes and Money Matters

IRS Tax Center for the Self-Employed, Money Management Tools for Commercial Drivers

Laws & Regulations

State driving laws and rules, The Federal Motor Carriers Safety Administration (FMCSA), Links to state regulators, NSC

Insurance Advice

Risk Strategies, Understanding and shopping for auto insurance, What insurance delivery drivers really need

Traffic & Road Conditions

Here WeGo, US Road Conditions, Nation Traffic & Road Closures, Safe Travel USA

Zip Code Lookup

Look up localities by zip code and zip code by address or locality.

CDC Delivery Industry Page

“What Parcel Delivery Drivers Need to Know about COVID-19” plus links to other information and resources.

COVID-19 Personal Readiness

Stay informed with articles collected from multiple authoritative sources by global leader CIDRAP (MN).


COVID-19 updates from the Customized Delivery & Logistics Association

OSHA Frequently Asked Questions

COVID-19 Q&A grouped by topic, plus OSHA standards & other work-related COVID info.

ATA COVID Hub for Truckers

Rest stops, dining, lodging, and PPE sourcing.  COVID-related waivers on laws/regulations.

World Health Organization

Advice to the Public, Q&A, Mythbusters and more.

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Choosing a Vehicle

See safety ratings, car safety alerts, complaints and defects, safety technologies and more from the NHTSA.

IIHS Vehicle Ratings

Search by model to compare crashworthiness, crash avoidance, and how seriously a crash impacts occupants.

III: Shopping for a Safe Car

Expert advice and more from the Insurance Information Institute.

National Safety Council Road Safety

A wealth of tools, resources, information and advocacy to minimize injuries and deaths.

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Taxes and Money Matters

IRS Tax Center for the Self-Employed

Explanation, guidance and tools to help you understand and meet your tax obligations.

Money Management Tools

Guidance with online banking, money management apps, fuel pricing, loyalty rewards and more.

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Laws and Regulations

Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA)

The national regulator of the delivery industry.  Learn about registration, regulations, safety evaluation, etc.

Driving Laws Around the Country

AAA’s national, searchable collection of state laws covering licensing, distracted and impaired driving, and more.

State DOT Websites

Directory of all 50 states’ transportation regulators and their websites.

National Safety Council Road Safety

America’s leading nonprofit safety advocate works to eliminate the leading causes of preventable injuries and deaths.

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Insurance Advice

Risk Strategies Transportation

A4DD’s broker specializes in the same-day/last mile delivery industry, offering competitive custom programs.

What Insurance do Drivers Need?

Get the bottom line from A4DD’s Executive Director and 25-year delivery insurance veteran, Peter Schlactus, CIC.

III: Shopping for Auto Insurance

Videos and brief articles from the Insurance Information Institute help you choose the right insurance and save.

Understanding Auto Insurance

A brief cheat-sheet to decoding your auto insurance policy and quotes.

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Traffic & Road Conditions

Here WeGo

Check traffic flows, jams and more in over 50 US metro areas nationwide.

US Road Conditions

One source for nationwide traffic speeds, accidents and closures, construction info. etc.

National Traffic and Road Closures

USDOT Federal Highway Administration’s 50-state database plus regional and local links.

SafeTravel USA

Road and travel conditions across the nation, from the folks who do the 511 call-in system.

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