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"I got just what I'd been looking for from 14 different insurance companies, and it was so smooth and easy. I am so glad I'm a member and my search is over. Thanks so much." Jodi, Vail AZ


Why Choose Us?

The Association for Delivery Drivers was established in 2007 to serve the needs of the Professional Independent Delivery Driver community.  Because delivery drivers are generally sole proprietors, you often lack easy access to good deals on vital products and services you need to run your delivery business successfully and meet the ever-changing contract standards of carriers.

A4DD is dedicated to bringing what you need to stay compliant, profitable and safe together for you, to make it available whenever you need it, and to negotiate volume discounts for you.  So more of what you earn can flow down to your bottom line.

Plus, members gain that most precious resource of all – a community of others who do what you do, people with whom you can share experiences and lessons learned. A4DD is that community, and we have everything you need under one roof — easy and affordable.


Get Insurance

Many contracting carriers require drivers to protect themselves and be responsible for their work.


Get Training

Courses are offered online 24/7, when it’s convenient for you.  Certify completion to your Carriers.


Unlock savings

Check out all the vendors we have partnered with to provide you discounted goods and services.


Get Extra Work

Fill those idle gaps and never come back empty.  Post an ad and get on the #1 delivery job board.