Cargo Insurance Rates are Going DOWN! Say What?

Cargo Insurance Rates are Going DOWN! Say What?


We are announcing great news for professional delivery drivers that obtain their cargo insurance through the Association for Delivery Drivers (A4DD). The Association is making changes to our cargo insurance program as of this coming Sunday night (10/1/2018) when our master policy renews, and this spells S-A-V-I-N-G-S for most of our members.

Please review this notice carefully so you know what to expect and how to obtain new certificates.


Lloyds of London is becoming our new insurance partner. Lloyds is one of the biggest names in insurance globally and they are literally where transportation insurance began. Besides a stellar reputation they have earned an “A” rating from A.M. Best.

For the vast majority of association members, this change will mean that your cargo insurance cost will GO DOWN, yet the coverage terms are similar or better. The typical member will see price reductions of about 5% and some of you will see savings closer to 10%. Everyone else will see rates stay within about 1% of their current price.

Pretty good news right? Well it gets better.

You do not have to do anything to qualify if you have cargo insurance with us now.

Members with cargo insurance now will automatically transfer to the new insurance with Lloyds of London and the new charges will apply as of Sunday, Sept. 30th but you do need to read on for details about getting new certificates and ensuring you have all the coverage you need.

Other members can apply for the new cargo insurance with just a few keystrokes.

The new cargo insurance does NOT continue coverage for damage you cause to property other than cargo while away from your vehicle. This could involve scratching a floor, denting a wall, or knocking over something valuable with your hand truck.

New General Liability Protection Options

You can still obtain this extra property damage coverage — and much more — through our new Commercial General Liability Insurance benefit. This “GL” insurance is also from Lloyds of London and protects you for claims up to $100,000 as well as paying your legal bills.

In addition to covering property damage, the new “GL” policy also covers claims that you injured someone. It can even cover claims from assembling or installing property like furniture, appliances, and sporting goods. GL coverage naturally does not cover accidents that would be covered by business auto insurance. Still, GL insurance is a big improvement and we can deliver it to our A4DD members at just $4.00-$7.00 a week.

Check it Out!

General Liability coverage is optional but for a busy delivery professional it offers much needed protection. To get covered, you must first apply as you will not be enrolled automatically. But it’s quick and easy to get. Answer a few questions and in less than two minute most will have an exact quote. Starting on Monday, October 1st, just log into, click on the Insurance box, and select the new “General Liability Insurance” option from the menu.

Get your new Certificates

New Certificates will automatically go to your primary contracting carrier if you have a Contracting Carrier Code. You can order certificates of insurance by logging into our website at and navigating to the Insurance Benefits area.


Your Association’s cargo insurance is changing on Sunday, 10/1. The new Lloyds insurance offers equivalent protection at a lower price for most members. To continue your cargo insurance, do nothing.

To continue coverage for non-cargo property damage (and gain protection against claims for injuries, faulty installation, etc. you should apply for affordable General Liability insurance from A4DD.

To learn more and apply, visit the Insurance benefits area at

We are pleased to share this great news with you. We will keep looking for opportunities to serve delivery professionals like you.