The Loadchief Advantage

Get The Loadchief Advantage™

Loadchief is a growing marketplace that connects credentialed, independent delivery drivers to contracting carriers for package delivery work — both on-demand and routed.  The Loadchief mobile app connects you seamlessly with multiple carriers throughout your region.  Carriers post jobs and you simply accept from your smartphone — no extra software required.  Your downtime shrinks away as your earnings increase.

A4DD Member Benefits with Loadchief include:

  • Free app and registration with no monthly fees.
  • 45% off – only $8.00 – for basic credentialing: license, insurance, and driving record (plus state MVR fee)
  • $50.00 bonus after 10 Loadchief deliveries

Loadchief was selected as an A4DD partner because it offers several unique benefits:

  • Get paid the next day!  No waiting and no processing fees.
  • Accept multiple jobs at once to set up your day
  • Stand out from the crowd.  Better credentials* produce more job offers.
  • Stay in control.  No pressure to accept jobs so you can take care of your primary carriers.

to register with Loadchief.

* Driver credentialing helps professional drivers get the work you deserve.  Drivers with better MVRs, insurance, training, and licensing will qualify for more jobs and better commissions.