Business Auto Insurance

The auto insurance available through A4DD’s insurance partners is true business coverage that protects you for both work-related and non-work accidents.  Relying on just personal auto insurance can leave you high and dry if you get into an accident while doing delivery work.  Also, business auto insurance is required to get your own USDOT or state motor carrier permit.

Below is a list of coverages and benefits available.  Click on any coverage to learn more about it.

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Extra Protection Available

Business Auto policies may feature the following additional coverages — ask for those you care about:

  • Extra Expense Coverage for Return of a Stolen Auto – up to $2,500
  • Rental Reimbursement Coverage – $75 per day up to 30 days
  • Electronic Equipment Coverage – up to $500
  • Hired Auto “Loss of Use” Coverage up to $500 per accident
  • Blanket Waiver of Subrogation (sometimes required by work contracts)

If you purchase physical damage coverage for your covered auto(s), you may request these optional benefits:

  • Hired Auto Physical Damage Coverage – pays up to $50,000 for damage to vehicles you lease or rent except where the lessor/rentor has agreed to insure damage
  • Towing & Labor Costs Coverage – up to $250
  • Accidental Airbag Discharge Coverage — pays costs to restore/replace airbags
  • Glass Coverage – waives the deductible if window glass is repaired vs. replaced

What Vehicles Are Covered

Number symbols will be used in quotes and policy forms to designate categories of vehicles that will be insured.  You are likely to encounter these two in particular:

Symbol 7 – indicates that coverage applies for those autos specifically described on the policy. Auto liability coverage also applies to temporary substitute vehicles you do not own if a described vehicle is out of service due to loss or damage, breakdown, repair, or servicing. This symbol also provides coverage for newly acquired or replacement autos so long as they are reported to the insurance company within 30 days.

Symbol 8 – indicates that coverage applies for hired, leased, rented or borrowed autos.

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