Cargo Insurance With Property Damage Protection

  • Show contracting Carriers you take responsibility for the shipments they entrust to you.
  • Protect yourself from big bills for cargo thefts, destruction, loss and damage!
  • You even have coverage for claims caused by loading, unloading, unattended cargo, rough handling, breakage and load shifting.
  • Only A4DD’ s insurance includes Property Damage Protection that covers not just your cargo during pick-up and delivery.
  • Drive for multiple carriers full-time? No problem, you are covered!
  • Moving from one delivery company to another? Again, no problem, we’ve got you covered!
  • Choose the coverage level that best fits you and your business.

No other Cargo insurance provides such comprehensive protection, never mind at these low rates!

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Plans & Costs

A4DD offers four benefit levels to choose from.

Coverage Level
Cost Range Per Week
$5,000 $5.00 – $5.30
$10,000 $7.00 – $8.00
$25,000 $11.00 – $13.00
$100,000 $17.00 – $23.00
  • Part-time drivers are defined as earning $275 per week or less and pay about 40% less.
  • Heavy truck drivers pay about 8% more.
  • All plans feature a low $200 deductible (the amount you pay for each loss).

When you apply for Cargo Insurance and select the coverage level you want, you will see the specific rates.  The best way to save, however, is to work for an “A4DD Contracting Carrier.”  These carriers can provide you with a special identification code to use when you’re applying — ask about it. They also have information sheets that show you the costs of different plans and payment options.

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Insurance Partner

Choosing the right insurance company is important. A4DD has selected a top-shelf national carrier whose cargo insurance team has a decade of experience insuring delivery drivers.  Traveler’s has an A.M. Best Rating of “A” (Excellent).  After its founding 160 years ago, it is one of the nation’s largest property casualty companies.

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