General Liability Insurance


Delivery work creates risks beyond what auto and cargo insurance cover.  This includes accidents while in a building to pick up a shipment or on your way out after making a delivery. “GL” insurance is frequently requested by customers and required to enter many secure buildings.  Show contracting carriers you’re able to be responsible. 

  • Protect yourself from legal bills and judgments with $100,000 of insurance ($200,000 max. per year).
  • Covers bodily injury to the public and physical damage to property other than cargo.  And more.
  • Do you install or assemble after you delivery? Our ‘White Glove’ coverage plan is perfect for you!
  • Legal defense expenses are covered in addition to the policy’s $100,000 limit.
  • Drive for multiple carriers? No problem, as a full-time driver you are covered.
  • Moving from one delivery company to another? Again, no problem, we’ve got you covered.

A4DD’s GL insurance delivers the extra protection delivery drivers need in a most affordable package.

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Plans & Costs

A4DD offers two coverage plans to choose from.  Both offer similar protection except that:

  • White Glove Plan includes coverage for assembly/installation claims.
  • Standard Plan does not cover assembly/installation claims.
Coverage Plan
Cost Range Per Week
White Glove $8.75 – $10.75
Standard $6.75 – $8.75

Part-time drivers (defined as earning up to $275 per week) pay about 10-15% less.  BUT you are only covered while working for your primary contracting carrier.

The best way to save is to work for a contracting carrier that’s “recognized by A4DD.  These carriers can provide you with a special discount code to use when you’re applying, as well as handy information sheets.  Ask your carriers about it, and suggest they contact A4DD to get recognized.

Apply now to receive an exact quote – it takes about 2 minutes or less.

to apply for General Liability Insurance or read on to learn more.

Insurance Partner

Choosing the right insurance company is important. A4DD has selected Lloyds of London. Lloyds is one of the biggest names in insurance globally and they are literally where transportation insurance began. Besides a stellar reputation they have earned an “A” rating from A.M. Best.

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