Light Vehicle Inspection

Daily Safety Inspection Tool

You want to know that your vehicle is safe.  So do your contracting carriers.  And you can’t get ahead when your vehicle is out-of-service.  Daily pre-trip inspections are a tried and true way to catch problems early.  Before they lead to costly downtime or worse — a crash.

A4DD has a quick safety inspection form for you that’s built for local delivery drivers using light vehicles —  like cars, pickups and vans.  We took out all the extras that only matter to heavy truck operators.  We used simple language for instructions and tips.  Bottom line: we kept it short and simple.  And FREE for A4DD members.

A4DD's Light Vehicle Safety Inspection form offers:

  • Easy-to-read format on a single page
  • Daily, weekly and personal safety checklists
  • Guides you through checking outside, under, and inside vehicle
  • Space to record when problems get fixed

See how easy it can be to take care of the vehicle you depend on when you’re inspecting it regularly.