Vehicle Inspection

Vehicle Inspection - We've Got an App for That

You want to know that your vehicle is safe.  So do your contracting carriers.  And you can’t get ahead when your vehicle is out-of-service.  Daily pre-trip inspections are a tried and true way to catch problems early.  Before they lead to costly downtime or worse — a crash.  But who wants extra paperwork?

The Whip Around mobile app eliminates the paper and makes inspections easy.  It takes you through step by step, uses photos and clicks instead of lots of writing, and stores everything. It keeps track of vehicle “faults” (concerns) and lets you share with mechanics or contracting carriers.  Plus it’s great for rentals to reverse surprise surcharges after you return a vehicle.  It even includes a daily wellness check for COVID-19.

Whip Around offers the following benefits to A4DD members

  • Exclusive discount of 66% or more off what you’d pay direct
  • Exclusive streamlined inspection forms for lighter vehicles
  • Make proof of inspections available to your contracting carriers
  • Use it anywhere — even in areas with no internet connection
  • Meets DOT standards for heavy trucks

to see how easy and effective this app is for delivery work and drivers.                         

How Much Does It Cost?

  • Normally $30 a month but A4DD members pay under $10 a month, saving two thirds.
  • $29.95 quarterly. Three months of access for less than the price of one.
  • Plus you save more (up to 80%) and pay as little as $5.99 a month if you qualify.

for the Whip Around mobile app.