Occupational Accident Insurance


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With A4DD’s Occupational Accident insurance you are protected from injuries you sustain while on-the-job while working as a professional delivery driver. The policy pays medical expenses and lost income (called “disability benefits”) if you sustain a covered injury.  In addition, it pays out a substantial amount in case of accidental death, dismemberment, or paralysis. A4DD members who sign up for Occupational Accident insurance will also receive a Discount Prescription Drug Program, an invaluable service that helps you keep prescription drug costs under control.

Plans & Cost

Three features of our program really stand out:

  • No maximum age to qualify for coverage – you can’t age out
  • Drive for multiple carriers? No problem, you are covered!
  • Moving from one delivery company to another? Again, no problem, we’ve got you covered!

Two Great Plans To Choose From

  • PLAN A – superior benefits with higher limits and lower deductibles
  • PLAN B – lets you comply with most contract standards at a lower cost

Here’s the bottom line: If you can afford it, Plan A provides you the greater benefit.

When you apply for insurance online, you will see specific rates quoted.  Below are the general cost ranges for both plans:

  • PLAN A – Full Time Drivers from $17-$24 per week
  • PLAN B – Full Time Drivers from $15-$22 per week
  • Part-time drivers are defined as earning $275 per week or less and pay about 40% less
  • Heavy truck drivers pay about 8% more

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