Delivery Companies

Delivery Companies

In today’s legal and regulatory  environment, it’s increasingly important to work with independent delivery drivers who can truly function as independent small businesses.  A4DD can help!!!  Just point drivers in our direction to get the tools and resources they need — all at substantial savings due to our group purchasing power.

Imagine defending your IC model when drivers behave like professionals without you providing or picking out solutions for them.  Our driver members can comply with rigorous contract standards easily and affordably through 24/7 online access to an ever-growing lineup of member benefits.  For example:

  • Advertising their services and obtaining additional work from other sources
  • Carrying affordable business insurances
  • Certifying regular training for compliance (HIPAA), safety (distracted driving) and more
  • Providing their own manifest forms, equipment and supplies
  • Wearing professional work apparel that they source, themselves
  • And more!! (check our Member Benefits)

A4DD can recommend transportation law experts to provide reassurance and guidance about implementing IC contract standards in any of these areas.

We can also supply you with all the materials you need to make drivers aware of A4DD and our benefits.

Become a 'Recognized Contracting Carrier'

A4DD recognizes and rewards carriers that spread the word about A4DD and support our mission to strengthen independent delivery drivers and the independent contractor model.  Recognized contracting carriers (RCC’s) are NOT members of the Association nor are they expected to endorse us — though we don’t mind if you do!  RCC’s are free to publicize other service providers if they desire.

RCC’s receive a Contracting Carrier Code (CCC) to pass on to your contract drivers.  This discount code lets drivers access A4DD benefits at savings of up to 25% or more off our already competitive member rates.

RCC’s advertise on our website (pennies a day per driver).  This helps us keep driver dues affordable and funds benefits like our “Safety Sweepstakes” rewards program, which may help you reduce your own insurance costs.

As a “RCC”, you enjoy our Contracting Carrier Services (check out the menu) and privileges including:

  • Recruiting and retention advantages based on the discount code you provide
  • Automatic insurance certificate when drivers enroll
  • Automatic notification when a driver’s insurance is set to cancel
  • Reports available any time that show driver compliance at a glance
  • Custom referral materials to publicize A4DD

Ready to Get Recognized?

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